Grayston Footbridge

Grayston Footbridge

Project Details


Date: 12.2015

Project Description

Scope of our work included two parts:

  • project of construction method
  • verification of executive project

As a construction method a free cantilever technology has been selected. Project included all construction stages. The bridge structure is divided into 14 segments, which are concreted into formwork fixed to a special movable steel structure – form traveler.

The verification consists of defining SLS and ULS. Existing executive project have been adapted for the new construction method. Additional calculations such as analyses of the most critical part of the structure (e.g. anchor block in the deck, anchor plate in the pylon) have been done. Models in FEM environment were created using QUAD and BRICK elements.

Throughout the project meetings in Johannesburg and Austria took place. All works have been done on time and according to customer expectations.

Object details:

  • Effective span: 38.00+100.00+38.00 m
  • Overall length: 176.00 m
  • Overall width: 7.65 m
  • Number of spans: 3